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Celebrate life through dance. No mater where no mater how and no mater what. Those who dont appreciate human nature will tell you it is indecent but those who do they fully understand that dance is merly a natural expression of ones feelings. When I dance I feel alive, I feel beautiful and I feel sexy and desirable…. did I say sexy and desirable? Oooops… sorry!


“Walladah” Series (2004) - Saudi Artist HEND AL MANSOUR

The title of this piece is in reference to the late Andalusian Muslim poet Wallada bint al-Mustakfi (1001-1091) who was known for her great intellect and beauty, along with the several controversial stories that she was part of during that time. She is the daughter of Muhammad III of Cordoba who was an Umayyad Caliph of Cordoba. According to several resources Wallada didn’t appreciate the constraints society placed on her and she would be defying those in several ways, including competing in Poetry competitions that were dominated by men. Wallada is also known for her romantic relationship with the great Arab poet Ibn Zaydun, whom she left after discovering he was cheating on her with another woman, but later also discovered his relationship with another man as well and decided to out his homosexuality in revenge through one of her poems. I recommend you read more about her.

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